The Prophecy of The Chosen One

The planes of existence are in dire peril. The armies of Orcus are on the move, and an ancient prophecy says that only Tiamat can prevent the death of all life. But Tiamat has been imprisoned by Bahumat and Torm. With the death of Torm and his resurrection as Mort, Undead Lord of Injustice, hope of Tiamat’s release is fading and many of those aware of the prophecy have turned to worship of unlife to salvage their “existence”.

A small tribe of kobolds has maintained the original prophecy for over 10,000 years, preparing for the time that they can assist in the release of Tiamat and destruction of Orcus. They have also suppressed parts of the prophecy so they are heartened by Orcus’s progress knowing it leads to the end of their wait and the release of their god and savior.

The core of the prophecy is The Chosen One. A being of purity and naiveté who will free Tiamat and destroy Orcus, not just stopping the spread of undeath, but destroying all necrotic power. The most commonly known piece of the prophecy is:

“As the Prince of Undeath attains lordship over existence a beacon of innocence will be rescued as the last survivor of an un-dying world. Draconic wisdom will guide the Chosen One and he will prove himself through 5 feats.

First the Earth’s heart shall be recovered from darkness. Second the Water’s soul will be released from ice. Third the Wind’s breath will be freed from chains. Fourth the Forest’s bones will be given light. Finally, the Fire’s power will be released upon existence, destroying the plague of Undeath forever.”

Recorded by the Wyrmkeeper of Tiamat, 5 years After the Imprisonment in Draconic Reckoning

The five feats are believed to be the recovery of the 5 keys restraining the heads of Tiamat.

The coming of the Chosen One

Irontail is a Kobold who has been raised in the tribe of the Wyrmkeeper’s Memory to be The Guide, the draconic wisdom referenced in the prophecy.

The Wyrmkeeper’s Eyes have been hiding for millenia in a remote mountain hold scrying the progress of Orcus and communing with Tiamat in her prison and determined that the moment of prophecy was at hand. They expended their magic and their lives in a ritual to snatch The Chosen One into their plane, saving him from the destruction of his own world but at the cost of the entire tribe outside of Irontail.

Ben, The Chosen One started as a human child but the planar shift transformed him into a Dragonborn Swordmage. A strange new world and incredible powers await him, as well as terrible danger and horrific enemies who are now aware of his entrance into the world.

The Chosen One